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Herbal Vapor Tea Blends
For most people, tea is a drink with many amazing flavors and health and wellness benefits. For others, tea is an important part of their daily ritual. The act of brewing a cup of herbal tea can be relaxing and cathartic for some. For others, it is an extra step between them and the natural benefits of tea.

At Air Tea Co., we’ve developed a proprietary system that helps you enjoy our amazing selection of herbal tea flavors faster, more potently, and more absorbent than traditional methods.  Unlike traditional types of herbal tea in bags or loose leaf tea, our herbal tea flavors are concentrated and sold in the form of single use pods that can be inserted into our Air Tea vaporizers to create an instant, breathable tea vapor.
Rich Herbal Tea Flavors
With just a push of the button, you will have an airy, breathable tea mist that is full of your favorite herbal tea flavors. The differences in extraction methods between steeping and vaporizing result in a much more potent and effective tea when vaporized. The monoterpenes are readily available in the vapor, accentuating the natural flavors and maximizing the phytochemicals and wellness benefits of tea or any herbs you select. 
Caffeine Free Tea
When using our blends, you can choose between caffeinated teas and caffeine-free tea options. Without the added stimulation from caffeine, you can enjoy an Air Tea at any time of the day or into the evening. Natural herbal teas like ginseng, damiana, and passionflower contain no caffeine. If you’re in the mood for a caffeine kick, you can breathe in the benefits of caffeinated teas like green tea, yerba mate, and black tea. 

Whether you’re enjoying it in the morning or at night, air tea reimagines the ritual of steeping and drinking tea. Instead of being a lengthy process of boiling a kettle of water and picking out a bag, you just insert one of our proprietary pods and push one button. 

For more information on our herbal tea flavors, call us at 401-496-7757 or send us a message online.  

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