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Drinking tea is a treasured ritual for many people. The routine of preparing hot water, selecting a blend, waiting for the tea to steep, and finally taking the first sip is soothing and restorative. This simple ritual has been unchanged for many years: it’s perhaps the most common and ancient tool that people reach for when they need to relax.
But for many people, the ritual isn’t as relaxing as they hope. Torn open boxes of tea bags tumble from their cabinet in a disorganized array; it takes a long time to boil the water and wait for the tea to steep and cool; and the steeping instructions are confusing (what temperature for black tea vs. herbal tea?) After all that, the tea itself might not even be as relaxing as promised.
Herbalism is an ancient practice spanning cultures across the globe. As technology has advanced, so has our ability to extract phytochemicals from herbs. Extracting phytochemicals through vaporization is the next horizon.

A Revolution in Tea

A Connected Wellness Community Creating New Rituals Centered Around Herbal Tea Vaporization.

Air Tea is an elegant update to this treasured ritual.

No more fumbling through ripped-open cardboard boxes or measuring water temperature: the Tea Cups are blended and filled and the vaporizing requires the press of just one button.
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Air Tea Zenco Duo
Air Tea uses new technology to enhance the relaxation properties of traditionally calming herbs. The components of tea that relax the nervous system are called “nervines.” Most nervines come from a group of phytochemicals called terpenes. Specifically, many are monoterpenes, single molecules that are very light and float through the air. These monoterpenes are known as “essential oils” in common vernacular. The size and weight of monoterpenes allow them to cross the blood-brain barrier, acting immediately upon our nervous system.

Enjoy Robust Flavors With Air Tea

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world, only being younger than a handful of potable substances including water and mead. Tea is believed to date back to 2737 BC. Shen Nung, the Chinese Emperor, found some tea leaves had accidentally been blown into boiling water, and he decided to try the infusion. The taste was so agreeable that, by the Tang dynasty in 618-906 AD, tea was the national drink of China and spread throughout the world. Nowadays tea is as easily available as water, being sold in bottles, loose leaf form, tea bags, and many other forms. The coffee company, Keurig, even sells k-cups that make instant tea when put in their coffee machines.

Traditional Tea

Throughout history, tea has been consumed by boiling the leaves of tea and other herbs in water. This process infuses the chemicals in the herbs, known as monoterpenes, into the water. This process is inefficient, and only a small amount of beneficial phytochemicals are infused into the water. Whether you’re drinking bottled tea, or freshly brewed tea, the tea goes through the digestive system, resulting in slower and decreased benefits. 

The Air Tea Difference

Air Tea offers a more immediate, powerful, and satisfying way to enjoy your favorite tea flavors. Our unique tea pods use our customized herbal tea blends with our herbal inhalation device. This unique device operates like a vape system, heating the tea and herbal tea flavors to the desired temperature and creating a relaxing vapor that is inhaled. 

Unlike Keurig tea, loose tea, or tea bags, this vaporized cloud of phytochemicals delivers both amazing tea flavors and all the benefits of the tea in a non-diluted formulation. You will experience immediate relaxation and benefits, and you can learn a new tea ritual to enrich your life. 

When you are ready to experience amazing tea flavors and the herbal benefits of vaporization, try our amazing Air Tea system. Get rid of the waste of Keurig tea, loose tea, or tea bags, and just sit back and enjoy. 

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