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Blue Lotus Blend

Blue Lotus Blend


Blue Lotus Blend

~10 grams of Organic Blue Lotus Herbal Vaporizer Blend. Produces 20-30 servings at 0.25-0.5 grams per use.~


Ingredients: Organic Damiana, Blue Lotus & Pink Lotus.


Blissful, meditative and creative, two different Lotus Flowers pair together with Damiana for an otherwordly vapor. Blue Lotus, the relaxing and euphoric sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians, was used in ceremonies for it’s blissful effects. Considered a sensual tonic and mood booster, the Lotus was traditionally soaked in wine and then enjoyed as a beverage, as well as smoked in a water pipe. Apart from it’s powerful beauty, Pink lotus is held sacred because of the relaxing, meditative effects it can produce. In the Buddhist religion, Pink Lotus represents forgetfulness, vitality and purity. Damiana helps carry the Lotus and together they produce a creative, inspired and relaxed state of mind.

How to use: Use our natural herbal smoke or vaporizer blends in rolling papers, pipes, or vaporizers! Enjoy alone or as an all natural tobacco alternative in spliffs. Best enjoyed in 1/4 gram –> 1 gram dosages.

Weight 10 kg

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