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Herbal Blend Sampler

Herbal Blend Sampler


Herbal Blend Sampler

~One 5 gram bag of each our Organic Herbal Vaporizer Blends, 4 blends total!~


These 100% natural herbal vaporizer blends (can also be used as smoke blends in pipes or rolling papers) come in 4 delicious flavors, each with a unique healing effect.

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Wild Mint: Refresh and uplift yourself with this unique blend of Organic Spearmint, Mullein and Damiana. Mullein was traditionally used in herbal medicine to be cleansing and repairing to the lungs and is great for coughs and other lung complaints, including helping to rejuvenate the lungs from the negative effects of tobacco and tar build-up. Spearmint helps open the lungs and stimulates blood flow and digestion, leaving you feeling more awake, alive and uplifted. It can help ease nausea, tension headaches and congestion. Last but not least, Damiana is our favorite herb for vaporizing and smoking because of it’s beautiful flavor, smooth smoke or vapor, and it’s effects on the mind and body. It’s relaxing effects help dispel stress, anxiety and tension while balancing the mood and helping you feel more happy, connected and creative.

Lavender: Deliciously calming and with a delicious Lavender flavor, this blend helps bring peace and ease to your day or evening. Research has shown that Lavender can help reduce restlessness, lift low spirits, promote restful sleep and also help with digestion and upset tummies. Despite it’s delicious citrus flavor, Lemon Balm is actually a member of the mint family. Similar to Lavender, it was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion (including gas and bloating, as well as colic). The blend is perfect and balanced out with the relaxing and nervous system rejuvenating Damiana (see more info on Damiana here).

Rose: Pink Rose petals pair with Raspberry Leaf and Damiana for a luxurious and floral healing vapor.  The feminine and sensual Rose is not simply a beautiful fragrant flower, it has also been used medicinally for centuries.  Considered to be gently anti-depressant,  aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory, Rose petals calm and uplift us and help us view the world, well, with rose colored glasses! Raspberry Leaf is a delicious plant that has been used by the Native American tribes of North America as an additive to their ceremonial smoking blends. It is full of vitamins and minerals and it’s fluffy leaves produce a lovely and full-bodied smoke or vapor. Damiana adds to the sensuality with it’s revered aphrodisiac properties, bringing us out of the mind and into the body for a more sensual, connected and calm state of being.

Blue Lotus: Blissful, meditative and creative, two different Lotus Flowers pair together with Damiana for an otherwordly vapor. Blue Lotus, the relaxing and euphoric sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians, was used in ceremonies for it’s blissful effects. Considered a sensual tonic and mood booster, the Lotus was traditionally soaked in wine and then enjoyed as a beverage, as well as smoked in a water pipe. Apart from it’s powerful beauty, Pink lotus is held sacred because of the relaxing, meditative effects it can produce. In the Buddhist religion, Pink Lotus represents forgetfulness, vitality and purity. Damiana helps carry the Lotus and together they produce a creative, inspired and relaxed state of mind.

How to use: Use our natural herbal smoke or vaporizer blends in rolling papers, pipes, or vaporizers! Enjoy alone or as an all natural tobacco alternative in spliffs. Best enjoyed in 1/4 gram –> 1 gram dosages.

Weight 5 kg

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