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Dream Blend

Dream Blend


Dream Blend

This herbal vaporizer blend (or herbal smoke blend) calms restless minds, encourages relaxation and sleep, and facilitates your entry into the colorful world of dreams. Hand-blended with a combination of potent herbs and medicinal plants including Damiana, Pink Lotus, Passionflower  and Lavender.


Entheogens such as Damiana and Lotus are herbs that were traditionally used to increase peace, boost the mood, enhance the senses and to help inspire and connect to the sacred in every day life. Damiana was also used as a dream enhancer, encouraging more vivid, positive dreams. Lavender and Passionflower calm the nervous system, ease anxiety, and help encourage deeper, more restful sleep.

How to use: Use our natural herbal smoke or vaporizer blends in rolling papers, pipes, or vaporizers! Enjoy alone or as an all natural tobacco alternative in spliffs. Best enjoyed in 1/4 gram –> 1 gram dosages.

Feedback on Dream:

“So happy with this purchase! Slept 8 hours straight the first night I tried it; hadn’t slept like that in months!” ~Emily, Vancouver BC

“I got a sample of each smokeable and I have to say.. WOW! Really really fabulous and all of them vaporized very well. My friends love them, too. I kind of cant believe these blends are legal. WOW! WOW!~ I am impressed! I will be back for more! Thank you so much for offering these herbals. YOU RAWK!” ~Addie, Pittsburgh PA

“Delicious! Can’t wait to try more!” ~Betty, Knoxville TN

“Wow! This stuff works!!! Thanks!” Elissa, Jamaica Plain MA

“These herbs won’t disappoint!! I ordered the dream smoke with kinnikinnick. I’ve had many people asking where I got them from! Extremely quick service and a very positive experience and all around good vibes. I <3 harmony herbals!!” ~Kelsey, Loveland CO

Weight 10 kg

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