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About the Blue Lotus Flower – How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Blue Lotus Tea

Blue Lotus Flower

The blue lotus flower is one of the most beautiful, recognizable symbols in the world, being identified with purity, peace, and rebirth in Buddhism and many other cultures. The blue lotus flower is most commonly grown in Egypt but it also grows in some parts of Asia. It was historically used in Ancient Egypt as a traditional medicine and is nowadays brewed and enjoyed as a cup of tea for its pleasant flavor and unique properties. The most common ways of enjoying the blue lotus flower and its effects are by either smoking or vaporizing the flower, or the more traditional method of making tea out of it.

Blue Lotus Flower Effects – What to Expect When Vaping, Smoking, and Drinking

The blue lotus flower can be enjoyed in many ways, and the benefits transferred are consistent regardless of method of delivery. Most prominently, many people use blue lotus flower for assistance in calming down and sleeping.

Can You Smoke Blue Lotus Flower?

You can smoke the blue lotus flower by itself or mix it with other smokable herbs and flowers like Damiana and Passionflower. You can roll the flower petals into a cone and smoke it. There are also prerolls if you aren’t comfortable with rolling, and other ways to enjoy blue lotus!

Can you Vape Blue Lotus Flower?

You can vape blue lotus – there are disposable carts on the market, but there are also dry herb vaporizers that work with blue lotus! We recommend using the lowest vaporization setting if you choose to vaporize it. We are in the process of creating a dry herb vaporizer specifically for herbs like blue lotus.

Can you Make Blue Lotus Tea?

tea pot

Blue lotus can be made into a drinkable tea! Here’s our recommendation for brewing the perfect cup of blue lotus tea:


Blue Lotus Flower (5 grams per person)

Boiling water

Honey or milk (optional)

Bring water to a boil and steep tea for no more than 5 minutes. Add milk and honey to taste – blue lotus can be bitter.

Can You Make Blue Lotus Wine?

This drink was enjoyed ceremoniously in ancient Egypt by pharaohs. To make it, bring a bottle of wine to a simmer and add in about 20g of blue lotus petals and 3 tbsp of honey. Add the wine and lotus petals back to the wine bottle or another container, and store in the fridge for a minimum of 1 week. When ready to serve, strain the wine using a cheesecloth or strainer and move to a different container.

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