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Air Tea: 3 Reasons Vaping Dry Herbs Is Better Than Traditional Tea

Air Tea Company is revolutionizing the timeless ritual of tea consumption by introducing the world’s first single-use herbal tea vaporization platform. Through meticulously crafted TeaCups™ and the state-of-the-art Air Tea Pot™ herbal tea vaporizer, Air Tea Company reimagines the way people experience herbal teas and learn about herbalism. 

You’ve heard that herbs offer many benefits for relaxation, stress relief, and wellness. You’re interested in using plants for wellness, but the world of herbs is so vast, and there are so many options that it can be hard to decide which is best for you.

Here are three reasons why vaping herbs using the Air Tea platform is the best choice for you:

1. Air Tea Delivers the Herbal Benefits Without the Bad Flavors

You know herbs are good for you, but you’ve never been able to get into the flavor of herbal tea. You’ve tried adding honey, or sugar, or a squeeze of lemon, and you want to like it… but you don’t. The tea never tastes as good as it smells.

There’s actually a scientific reason why the tea doesn’t taste as good as it smells – the fragrance comes from volatile phytochemicals called terpenes. Terpenes offer a variety of fragrances: floral, minty, lemony, etc. While terpenes smell wonderful, they tend to taste bitter, which means that herbal tea often tastes bitter. The bitter tea is medicinal, but it might not be your preferred flavor, and that’s ok!

If you want to get the health benefits of herbs but don’t want to drink them, the Air Tea platform is the perfect choice. The herbal cartridges are vaporized at just the right temperature to release the fragrant terpenes so that you can breathe them in, receiving all the relaxation and wellness benefits of herbs without drinking tea.

2. Air Tea is Faster to “Brew”

Tea seems simple, but there are actually a lot of steps in brewing the perfect cup: you have to choose the herbs, boil water, find a clean mug, steep the tea, let it cool, then drink it. You have to know the right temperature and steeping time, and it can get confusing.

If making tea doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, we understand. We created Air Tea for people who appreciate herbs but don’t want the hassle of brewing a cup of tea. We designed it to be as streamlined as possible: put the herbal cartridge in the Air Tea platform, press the button, wait for the light to come on, indicating that the herbs are ready, and inhale. It takes just one minute, and the only cleanup is throwing the used cartridge away.

3. Air Tea is the Stress-Free Way to End Your Day

When you get to the end of a stressful day, you don’t want to have to sort through your boxes of tea and figure out which will be most helpful – you just want to relax. We get it: decision fatigue is real. Your end-of-day ritual should help you wind down and decompress – it shouldn’t add stress to your evening. That’s why we’ve pre-blended our herbal tea cartridges to make the process as simple as possible. Just insert the cartridge into the Air Tea platform and press the button – no decision-making required.  

Bonus: Air Tea is for the Tea enthusiast Who Wants To experience Herbal Tea in a New Way

Maybe you love herbal tea, and it’s a wonderful part of your routine, but you still want to vape herbs. You love herbs, and you’re eager to experience them in as many ways as possible. You want to try Air Tea because it will be a new experience and a unique way of connecting with the properties of herbs. 

No matter your reason, Air Tea is a convenient way to use herbs for relaxation and wellness. Check out our Air Tea products and find the blend that’s right for you.   

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