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Manifestation Ritual with Air Tea

You already know that Air Tea can be used to relax and wind down after a rough day. But, at its heart, Air Tea is just another way of connecting with plants. Because Air Tea connects you with plants, it can be a potent tool for a ritual, including a manifestation ritual.

To use the Air Tea platform for a manifestation ritual, first think carefully about what you’re seeking to manifest. Then, ask yourself which herbs feel most connected to that goal. This question might feel simple or it might feel far beyond your comfort zone. Here’s the thing: there’s no right or wrong way to do this. If you have multiple cartridges available, simply feel into which is best suited for this ritual. If you only have one type of cartridge, then that’s the one to use!

Next, sit down and write down what you would like to manifest. I highly recommend writing by hand, if possible. Write down a scene in which having this item or situation is already your reality. What is a “day in the life” like when you have this? How do you feel as you move through life? What textures do you encounter?

For instance, if you are seeking to manifest a new home, describe what it feels like to wake up there, go through your morning routine, come home from work, etc. Describe how you move through the kitchen and relax in the living room. Notice the lighting and the sounds around you. Involve as many sensory details as possible. Also notice how you feel as you inhabit this space. Do you feel a sense of freedom? Peace? Comfort? As you feel the truth of this new reality settle into your being, notice how it feels in your body.

Once you’ve done this inner work, follow the steps below to perform a manifestation ritual.

  1. Set the scene

Create sacred space in the way that feels best to you. Here are some ideas: light incense, clear the space using sound or smoke, lay down a blanket or a tablecloth to sit on. You could also play instrumental music in the space, sing a song, or recite a poem.

Gather any items that relate to your goal. Get creative! Photos are great, but so are little toys and figurines, candles in fun shapes, books, tools – anything that evokes your new reality.

  • Open the ritual

Choose a simple action to open the ritual. You could light a candle, recite a poem, or simply take a deep breath.

Offer your gratitude to the herbs in the cartridge and ask them for help – describe your intention and ask them to help you. 

  • State your Intention

Describe your new reality out loud. I recommend reading aloud what you wrote down earlier. Read it with a strong voice – bring all your confidence behind it. You are using your voice and your energy to create a new reality.

  • Inhale the herbs

Hold the cartridge in your hands. Visualize your new reality. Feel this new reality flow into the cartridge, imbuing the herbs with its vibration.

Insert the cartridge into the Air Tea platform. While the herbs are prepared, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Connect with each of your senses: use your senses to tune into the sensations of this new reality.

As you inhale the herbs, you are inhaling the vibration of this new reality.

  • Linger in your new reality.

As you continue to enjoy the herbal vapor, feel in your heart that you’re inhabiting this new reality. Lean into the sensations that arise. Enjoy how it feels.

  • Close the ritual

When you’re ready, choose a simple action to close the ritual. You might blow out the candle, take another mindful breath, or recite a poem. Offer a simple “thank you” to the herbs, and mindfully dispose of the cartridge.

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