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Herbal Care for Heavy Emotions

Faced with the weight of stagnant emotions and seeking extra support, Air Tea stands as a botanical ally. Amid therapy appointments and reflective walks, Air Tea becomes a seamless addition to one’s wellness routine, offering a unique and effective method for dispersing heavy emotions and promoting emotional resilience.

By Amanda Crooke Herbalist @ Locust Light Farm

When I say “stagnant emotions” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps a deep depression that prevents you from getting out of bed, or the heartache that comes after a breakup. Grief at the loss of a pet can become stagnant, or even the chronic frustration of a difficult work dynamic.

While we don’t commonly describe emotions as “stagnant” in casual conversation, the term is very intuitive and very common in herbalism. Stagnant emotions feel heavy and tend to be emotions that we don’t move through very well.

Examples are depression, discouragement, heavy sadness, feelings of grief, or a chronic emotion that is not resolved.

Stagnant emotions reside in your body. They certainly don’t feel good to experience, and if they remain stuck they’ll affect you in other ways. If you don’t process feelings of grief, for instance, they might become depression that interferes with your life. If you don’t resolve chronic frustration, it might turn into anger or resentment that will likely harm your relationships and certainly impact your enjoyment of your daily life.

Simply put, stagnant emotions don’t feel good.

So what can you do with stagnant emotions? You disperse them.

There are many ways of dispersing stagnant emotions: talk therapy or simply talking with trusted friends, exercise and mindful movement, prayer and meditation. These are all important ways of acknowledging and processing feelings.

But sometimes you need extra support. This is where herbs come in.

Herbs can support you in many ways when you’re feeling low. One way that herbs can help is by dispersing stagnant emotions. Herbs that disperse emotions tend to be rich in terpenes (also known as essential oils). Terpenes are light and float on air. They easily cross the blood brain barrier. They are fragrant and they effect the nervous system. Basically, terpenes make you feel good.

Imagine how you feel when you inhale lavender or peppermint — your heart seems to expand. Even imagining smelling those fragrances can give you a sense of uplift. This is the sensation of dispersing emotions.

The Air Tea platform releases herbs in a vapor. When the vapor rises, it carries terpenes on it. When you inhale the vapor, terpenes are immediately absorbed into your body, relaxing your nervous system and helping to disperse stagnant emotions. Different herbs will have different effects on your body, so your experience will vary depending on which vape cartridge you choose. But if you’re stuck in a heavy feeling and you need extra support, consider reaching for Air Tea. It might be just the thing you need amid therapy appointments and long walks with friends

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