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7 Steps to make Air Tea a Relaxing Ritual

Air Tea is a simple way to wind down with herbs at the end of the day. Select the cartridge, pop it into the Air Tea platform, press the button and inhale.

But you can use it to be so much more.

With just a few mindful touches, you can transform your Air Tea experience into a relaxing ritual.

What is a ritual?

A ritual is a series of actions designed to create the space in which transformation can occur.

In ritual, we remove ourselves from the mundane world and step into a sacred space. A simple structure creates this sacred space where healing, growth, reflection, rejuvenation and transformation can occur.

Want to turn your vaping time into a true ritual? Choose simple actions to create the structure, then allow yourself to sink into the sacred space.

Here are 7 steps to turn your vaping session with Air Tea into a relaxing ritual:

  1. Set the scene

Create a nice space for yourself: clear clutter from the area (just a bit – you want this to be relaxing, after all!) Choose a candle and bring it to your space. Burn incense or set an essential oil in your diffuser. If you like, settle into a cozy blanket. Keep it simple – even mindfully lighting a candle beside your couch can create a peaceful vibe.

  • Set an intention

What is your goal? Go deeper than, “I want to relax.” How, specifically, do you want to feel by the end of this ritual?

Craft your intention in the positive (“I fall asleep with ease”) rather than the negative (“I don’t stay up ‘til midnight tonight.”)

  • Select your herbs

Choose the vape cartridge that best suits your needs. Bring it to your space and sit down.

  • Open the ritual

Choose a simple action to open the ritual. Lighting a candle is a great option. You could also sing a song, recite a poem, or simply take a deep breath.

Offer your gratitude to the herbs in the cartridge and ask them for help – describe your intention and ask them to help you. 

  • Inhale the herbs

Hold the cartridge in your hands. Call forth your intention, and feel it flowing from your heart, through your hands, into the herbs in the cartridge. Visualize the herbs receiving your intention and absorbing it.

Insert the cartridge into the Air Tea platform. While the herbs are prepared, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Become fully present in this moment. When the herbs are ready, inhale deeply.

  • Visualize your intention

As you inhale the herbal vapor, visualize the plant constituents flowing into your body. As the plants flow into your body, imagine them carrying your Intention and imbuing it into your nervous system, relaxing and comforting you. Truly take the time to visualize the plants coming into your body and calming you.

Continue to breathe deeply and relax for as long as you need to.

  • Close the ritual

When you’re ready, choose a simple action to close the ritual. You might blow out the candle, take another mindful breath, or recite a poem. Offer a simple “thank you” to the herbs, and mindfully dispose of the cartridge.

by Amanda Crooke

Herbalist @ Locust Light Farm

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